Housing Technology Conference 2021

Housing Technology Events
Mar 3 - 4, 7:00 AM (GMT)

About this event

The Housing Technology Conference 2021 will bring together 300+ guests from across the country for unparalleled information sharing and learning opportunities. Join us for 40+ presentations covering everything from new technologies and core business applications to cyber security and digital transformation.Throughout the 2 days, you'll have multiple opportunities to attend sessions, visit supplier booths to see the latest solutions and join multiple networking sessions where you'll be live with your peers from across the housing sector.

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  • George Grant

    George Grant

    Housing Technology

    CEO and Publisher

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  • Emma Birchley

    Emma Birchley

    Sky News, Housing Technology


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  • Midge Ure

    Midge Ure

    Musician & Campaigner

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  • Andrew Grill

    Andrew Grill

    Practical Futurist & Digital Disruptor

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  • The Lord John Bird

    The Lord John Bird


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  • Julieta Moradei

    Julieta Moradei

    Hometeam Ventures


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  • Tina Kennedy

    Tina Kennedy

    Aareon UK

    Head of Digital

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  • Chris Jones

    Chris Jones


    Chief Operating Officer,

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  • Justin Fisher

    Justin Fisher


    Product Manager

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  • Kenny Virdee

    Kenny Virdee


    IoT Partnerships Director

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  • Mark Arnold

    Mark Arnold

    Thirteen Group

    Head of Technical Strategic Assets

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  • James King

    James King

    FireAngel Safety Technology

    Connected Homes Director

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  • Simon Penaluna

    Simon Penaluna

    Grand Union Housing

    IT Director

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  • Sue Rice

    Sue Rice

    Grand Union Housing

    IT Transformation Manager

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  • Paul Croston

    Paul Croston

    Halton Housing

    Director of Technology, Digital & Data

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  • Eleanor Darling

    Eleanor Darling

    Havebury Housing

    Customer Service & Involvement Manager

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  • Paul Rowley

    Paul Rowley

    Havebury Housing

    Assistant Director of ICT

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  • Gary Pliskin

    Gary Pliskin

    Islington & Shoreditch Housing

    Finance Director

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  • Steve Allcock

    Steve Allcock

    Johnnie Johnson Housing

    Director of ICT, Data & Digital

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  • Jennifer Shorten

    Jennifer Shorten

    Lioness Recruitment


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  • Laura Bruford

    Laura Bruford

    Lioness Recruitment


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  • Shendi Keshet

    Shendi Keshet

    Manningham Housing

    Director of Finance & Resources

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  • Amanda Hodge

    Amanda Hodge

    MHS Homes

    ICT Manager

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  • Ros Adby

    Ros Adby

    MHS Homes

    Assistant Director of Transformation & Digital Services

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  • Toni Dickinson

    Toni Dickinson

    MHS Homes

    ICT Business Applications Manager

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  • Ellen Wilson

    Ellen Wilson

    Microsoft UK

    Public-Sector Sustainability & Smart Cities Lead

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  • Kishore Rajendran

    Kishore Rajendran

    Microsoft UK

    CTO for Housing

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  • Robin Denton

    Robin Denton

    Microsoft UK

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  • James Massey

    James Massey

    MRI Software

    Strategy Director

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  • Doug Sarney

    Doug Sarney

    MRI Software


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  • Kirsty Marsden

    Kirsty Marsden


    Senior Housing Service Design Lead

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  • Tony Hughes

    Tony Hughes


    Microsoft 365 Housing Strategist

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  • Trevor Hampton

    Trevor Hampton

    Northgate Public Services

    Director - Housing Product Solutions

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  • Dr Vivienne Adams

    Dr Vivienne Adams

    Paradigm Housing

    Head of Portfolio & Programme

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  • Jon Cocker

    Jon Cocker

    Platform Housing

    Chief Information Officer

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  • Clive Thacker

    Clive Thacker


    Head of Technical Solutions

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  • Emma Richman

    Emma Richman

    Peaks & Plains Housing Trust

    Executive Director of Operations

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  • Craig Taylor

    Craig Taylor

    Phoenix Software

    Director of Cloud Solutions

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  • Oliver Barrett

    Oliver Barrett

    Phoenix Software

    Solutions Specialist

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  • Dave Hollings

    Dave Hollings

    Phoenix Software

    Microsoft Azure Consultant

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  • Dean Garvey-North

    Dean Garvey-North

    Places for People

    Technology Officer

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  • Inma Martinez

    Inma Martinez

    AI Scientist & Digital Pioneer

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  • Boris Worrall

    Boris Worrall

    Rooftop Housing

    Group Chief Executive

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  • Rob Mottram

    Rob Mottram

    Social Telecoms

    Business Development Manager

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  • Greg Iddon

    Greg Iddon


    Threat Response Strategist

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  • Chris Milborrow

    Chris Milborrow

    Southside Housing Association

    Business Improvement Manager

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  • Audrey Lloyd

    Audrey Lloyd

    Sovereign Housing

    Data Insight Manager

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  • Lawrence Gardner

    Lawrence Gardner

    Wrekin Housing

    Group Head of ICT

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  • Rebecca Farrell-Greenhalgh

    Rebecca Farrell-Greenhalgh

    Yorkshire Housing

    Service Design Lead

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  • Dino Kyprianou

    Dino Kyprianou

    PA Housing

    ICT applications & development manager

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  • Katherine Hiscock

    Katherine Hiscock

    PA Housing

    Income manager

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  • Alison Stock

    Alison Stock

    Riverside Group

    Director of IT & Digital business

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  • Sean Dalby

    Sean Dalby

    Northgate Public Services

    Head of Product Management

  • Andrew Curtis

    Andrew Curtis

    The Gateshead Housing Company

    ICT Development Manager

  • Jordan Wheat

    Jordan Wheat


    Housing Sector Lead

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